Customer’s Event Destroyed because of The Avent Techs

I have been the President of Corporate Events at my company for 10-years. Never, in all of my years have I experienced such outrageous and unprofessional behavior from an AV labor provider, EVER.

We hired The Avent Techs for one of our events, it was a big client event. When I booked the event, I was guaranteed 10 professional AV labor technicians would arrive at 6AM to begin setting up. By 7, nobody arrived. I called the company and nobody answered – NOBODY ANSWERED THE GOD DAMNED PHONE. I left message after message, and not one of my calls was returned. As we approached 9:30, 4 techs showed up in sloppy attire, reeking of cigarettes and looked hungover. Trying to get them to do their jobs was a feat of inexplicable complication. Noon was fast approaching and nothing was getting done. Again, NOT A GOD DAMNED THING was getting accomplished for our event at 7PM. I continued calling The Avent Techs. No answer and nobody returned my calls. I was in a complete panic and had no idea what to do. How were we going to get the techs we needed in such a short period of time to create a spectacular affair?! I was losing hope fast.

The only thing that saved the event was OUR COMPANY’S labor coordinator who called in some last minute favors. We were able to salvage the event. Sadly, it wasn’t up to par. We sent TheAventTech labor crew home.

I spent the next day trying to get in touch with The Avent Techs, Eddie Abdalla, and others, but nobody contacted me. We spent close to $4,000 with The Avent Techs for NOTHING. Because they refused to contact us and treat us with a modicum of respect, we stopped payment on our credit card, it was the only way to get our money back for services NOT RENDERED. We also filed a complaint with The Better Business Bureau. We’re writing reviews and sharing our story with anyone who will listen. We believe it is tremendously important for those of us who work in events to make sure that others know exactly what they’re getting into, especially in this case. The Avent Techs took our money, wasted our time and did everything in their power to ruin our event.



I never want this to happen to another company again. I am deeply disturbed that there is a company out there who purports to provide AV Technician and quality customer service when all they do is take advantage of businesses and steal their money.

TheAventTechs Reviews

The Avent Techs

A lot of AV techs have come out of the woodwork to share their stories about The Avent Techs who claim to provide these services: AV Labor Nationwide Professional Audio Visual Technicians. Audio – Video – Lighting – Camera – Projection – Breakout – General Session – Designer – Stagehands – Rigger – Computer, AV – Labor, and don’t.

Tom D, AV Tech 10 years: “The Avent Techs owes me money! I’ve worked 7 jobs for them and I still haven’t gotten paid. Eddie, the owner of The Avent Techs keeps promising to pay me and refuses. AV Techs, word of advice, don’t work for the Avent Techs and definitely stay the fuck away from Eddie Abdalla. He lies and refuses to pay for work.

Jay M, AV Tech 3 years: “i been working exclusively for the avent techs for the past 6 months and i’m trying to get outta my contract cause they keep messin with my hours, sayin the time i input was less than it was. total lies. eddie and tim are total doubhecbags! the minute i can find contract work, i’m getting out.

David D, AV Tech 7 years: “I have been in the AV industry a long ass time, and I have never in my life experienced such grotesque exploitation of AV Labor Techs as I have at The Avent Techs. Man, these guys screwed me over and a bunch of my colleagues. They don’t pay on time. They change time-sheets and they treat techs like dirt. Avoid The Avent Techs and Eddie Abdalla, and his deplorable group.”

Mark P, AV Tech 1 year: “I’m new to the AV industry. I’m a truck loader and floater. I love this business so much, it’s fun and the work is steady. OMG, before hooking up with The Avent Techs, I was doing great and on the road to growth, you know? My experience with The Avent Techs has been so bad that I’m thinking of getting out of the AV industry completely. Got any advice for me?

I have a bad feeling about The Avent Techs

I have a very bad feeling about The Avent Techs. I used to be a client of The Crew Source which was run by Eddie Abdalla. I worked with Eddie a few times. You know how they say, “The third time is the charm?” In my case, it was a disaster. A day before my company’s event, we were all supposed to meet at the location to set it up. Nobody showed up – I mean nobody, not a technician, a project manager, or Eddie. When I tried to reach him, he refused all of my calls and pushed them to voicemail.

A few months later, I came to learn that Eddie had done this to several other clients. The Crew Source, Eddie and a slew of other folks were in serious legal trouble! As a result of their misconduct, the judge found Eddie guilty and he’s in debt millions of dollars. He also filed for Bankruptcy because he “didn’t have the money to pay.” I use quotes because Eddie’s such a liar that I have a hard time believing he didn’t have the money. If I wasn’t the only client who gave him money and didn’t get the service I paid for, I have to believe there are others. Right?

Then Eddie started The Avent Techs corporation. Though I have not worked with him again for obvious reasons, I find it impossible to believe that he will leave clients high and dry as he did with The Crew Source. I think I might be right because a colleague told me that he ran it into the ground leaving another pile of debt in its wake. What I can’t fathom is that he RE-LAUNCHED The Avent Techs, LLC. I have good reason to believe that he plans to do the same thing again with clients he hasn’t burned.

Eddie is a con-artist, that’s very clear. I just want people to be aware of this and reconsider before booking this company for their next event. JUST, PLEASE GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT FIRST. Check Google. Here is my Google Search and results for “Eddie Abdalla Court Cases.”