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Bill Lasky is Deceiving more Technicians – BEWARE

Guest Post by Cody Lopez

The AV Tech world is small. I consider my fellow technicians my brothers and sisters. I’m not gonna sit back and watch anyone else get screwed over by Eddie fucking Abdalla.

I’m sharing this email I got from him. PLEASE READ IT.

Greetings to all of The AVent Techs team,

This email is being sent to you to share some important information regarding The AVent Techs.   In a few moments, you’ll receive an email from Mika Read, the COO and one of the shareholders of The AVent Techs, Inc., stating that you are no longer employed by the company.  No need to panic, as that letter is required by law to be sent to all of you, because she and Mike Fuller, the other shareholder of The AVent Techs Inc., have sold the company to new owners.  Effective immediately, you will now be employees of The AVent Techs, LLC.  There is no need for you to fill out paperwork again or to reregister with us as all your records have been transferred to the new entity.  You will still receive your W2 or 1099 from The AVent Techs, Inc. for all the work you performed for that entity in 2016 and if you get called for work from The AVent Techs, LLC between now and the end of this year, then you’ll also receive a W2 or 1099 from that entity as well.

In regards to payroll payments that may be owed to you, please be aware that if you worked for The AVent Techs, Inc. prior to Aug 22nd, then you were sent your last payment from that entity on Aug 26th.  If you worked Aug 22nd onward, then payment for that work will be paid by The AVent Techs, LLC on our next payroll run, which will be Sept 9th.  There will be no lapse in scheduled payments. If you were never paid by The AVent Techs, Inc., for work competed, this is because you did not submit paperwork. When you do, The AVent Techs, LLC will process your payment.

The AVent Techs, LLC has also switched payroll companies from Paychex to Insperity.  You’ll still have the ability to access your payroll records thru the Paychex web portal for all payments made to you prior to Aug 27th.  You’ll also have the ability to access your payroll records thru Insperity’s web portal, but you won’t have the ability to do that until the next time you are paid.  If you would like assistance on how to access the Insperity payroll portal, you can email Annie Cesta in our office at this same email address and she will be happy to assist you in getting set up for the Insperity portal.

If you live in one of the few states that hadn’t been set up on the Paychex payroll system, please note that effective Sept 9th, all technicians nationwide will be processed through Insperity. This means you will now be a part-time employee and all required taxes will be withheld from your paycheck.  Direct deposit will also be available now for all those who didn’t have access to it before. As an employee you will receive a W2 at the beginning of next year. If you wish to stay 1099, you may do so, but only if you operate as a business with a license and general liability insurance. If you do not have these documents and will not work as W2, unfortunately we have to ask that you no longer accept work from us.  If you have questions regarding the direct deposit option or our new payroll system with Insperity, please feel free to contact Annie Cesta at this same email address or you can call her at the office at 213-341-1061.

In the coming weeks, The AVent Techs, LLC will be launching a new scheduling software program called “Lasso” and you will be asked to sign up on that platform so we can interact with all of you regarding scheduling you for future events.  The new program will also allow you to put your availability on a calendar, so we know when you are and aren’t available, as well as allow you to clock in and out via a mobile app on future gigs so that you won’t need to submit time sheets any longer.  We are excited to be working with this new program and hope that you’ll take advantage of all the new features that it has to offer.

If you have received this email but haven’t done work yet for The AVent Techs, it is because we have your contact info in our system as a result of you submitting your resume or by being referred by someone.   We will hopefully have the opportunity to work with you in the near future.

I will not be one of the new owners myself, but I will remain in the position of General Manager, and I’m thrilled to be working with the new owners as the company grows and expands into the future.  We look forward to all of you being a part of that growth!

And finally, Tim Rodriquez, Marcus Welch, Fabian Silva and Annie Cesta in our Los Angeles office, Bill Lasky in Las Vegas, Ryan Tremblay in Boston and Kevin Seeger in DC are all still here and excited about the new company.  On behalf of all of them, they welcome you to The AVent Techs, LLC.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important update!

Eddie Abdalla