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A lot of AV techs have come out of the woodwork to share their stories about The Avent Techs who claim to provide these services: AV Labor Nationwide Professional Audio Visual Technicians. Audio – Video – Lighting – Camera – Projection – Breakout – General Session – Designer – Stagehands – Rigger – Computer, AV – Labor, and don’t.

Tom D, AV Tech 10 years: “The Avent Techs owes me money! I’ve worked 7 jobs for them and I still haven’t gotten paid. Eddie, the owner of The Avent Techs keeps promising to pay me and refuses. AV Techs, word of advice, don’t work for the Avent Techs and definitely stay the fuck away from Eddie Abdalla. He lies and refuses to pay for work.

Jay M, AV Tech 3 years: “i been working exclusively for the avent techs for the past 6 months and i’m trying to get outta my contract cause they keep messin with my hours, sayin the time i input was less than it was. total lies. eddie and tim are total doubhecbags! the minute i can find contract work, i’m getting out.

David D, AV Tech 7 years: “I have been in the AV industry a long ass time, and I have never in my life experienced such grotesque exploitation of AV Labor Techs as I have at The Avent Techs. Man, these guys screwed me over and a bunch of my colleagues. They don’t pay on time. They change time-sheets and they treat techs like dirt. Avoid The Avent Techs and Eddie Abdalla, and his deplorable group.”

Mark P, AV Tech 1 year: “I’m new to the AV industry. I’m a truck loader and floater. I love this business so much, it’s fun and the work is steady. OMG, before hooking up with The Avent Techs, I was doing great and on the road to growth, you know? My experience with The Avent Techs has been so bad that I’m thinking of getting out of the AV industry completely. Got any advice for me?

Eddie Abdalla Stole Money From Me!

eddie abdalla wont pay av technicians

Eddie owes us the money and the reason is he booked us when he was in bankruptcy and knew he wasn’t going to pay us. I had an agreement with Eddie and The Crew Source, now defunct, which is a bunch of bullshit.

Eddie claims someone else owes us the money. Lies, lies, lies. How can someone else say they owe me money when he does? Now he takes all the resources, the employees and claims some other company owes me money. Where’s the logic in that?! It’s like if company “A” closed and company “B” opened. Does company “B” owe company “A’s” employee’s money? OF COURSE THEY DON’T.

The same scumbags NOW running The Avent Techs, who are idiots, still hiring and using freelance AV Technicians and NOT PAYING THEM.

BEWARE OF Eddie Abdalla and The Avent Techs. Do not work for them. They owe me and a bunch of us money for jobs we worked and didn’t get paid for.


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